Grants Archive: Tennessee Stories

Since the founding of Humanities Tennessee in 1973, we have served as a grantor for cultural organizations throughout the state. For many years, this was our sole focus as the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Gradually, we launched programs originated and executed by our team, often in partnership with other nonprofits and with the help of volunteers.

Even with the growth of programs like the Southern Festival of Books and Traveling Exhibits, among others, our commitment to supporting the cultural infrastructure of Tennessee through our grant program has never waivered. Today, we continue to examine and refine our grant programs’ eligibility, criteria, and values-guided funding statement “so that the work for a more just and inclusive society can continue.”

King Iron: The Untold Story of Enslaved Furnace Workers in Tennessee

The Tennessee African American Historical Group

Grant Amount: $8,010

The Morton Cabin Project

Nashville Zoo

Grant Amount: $6,700

Dunbar Cave State Park Virtual Cave Tour

Friends of Dunbar State Park

Grant Amount: $12,000

Portion of the poster for How to Sue the Klan

How to Sue the Klan

Civil Productions LLC

Grant Amount: $12,000

Making Memphis: 200 Years of Community

Memphis Museums

Grant Amount: $9,895

Suffrage Showdown: Tennessee’s Pivotal Role in Votes for Women, Celebrating 100

East Tennessee Historical Society

Grant Amount: $7,620