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The farming community of Bryson, like Elkton and Conway, had a store, school, and churches that are fondly remembered.

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The Corner Store was the gathering place for the areas locals and later became the Bryson Bar-B-Que, a popular eating establishment.

Old Morrell’s Mill

Bryson Farm

Barbecue Pit / Corner Store

Geraldine Russell, Moving to Bryson

Geraldine Russell, Selling Barbecue

Geraldine Russell, Country Store

Geraldine Russell, Fire Barbecue Pit

Joe Bryan, Russell’s Barbecue Store

Pete Watson, Blacksmith Shop Bryson


The Bethany Presbyterian Church and the Bryson Methodist were located across the street from each other and sometimes shared services. Members of both congregations remember interdenominational worship services.

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bryson Methodist Church

Joe Bryan, Churches in Bryson

Joe Bryan, Churches in Bryson 2

George Newman, Bethany Presbyterian Church


The school at Bryson was called the Bethany School and at one time was a college. Bethany School included grades 1-4. The students were taught in one large classroom and were called to the teacher’s desk one grade at a time. Older students assisted the younger ones with their studies.

Bethany College

VBS, Bethany School

Wood Hollis and Kermit George, Bethany School

Last Class, Bethany

Phil George, Moving Up to Elkton School

George Newman, Bethany School

George Newman, Bethany School 2

Pete Watson, Bryson School

Phil George, Going to School in Bryson

Phil George, Going to School in Bryson 2


Bryson was, and still is, a farming community; numerous stories of the every day life of farm families in the area.

Bryson Farm

Old Morrell’s Mill


Bryson Intersection

Joe Bryan, Farmed All My Life

Joe Bryan, Helping Dad on the Farm

Joe Bryan, Changes in Farming

Joe Bryan, Self Sufficient Farming

Joe Bryan, Next Generation Farming

Joe Bryan, Sunday Afternoons

Phil George, Getting Electricity

Phil George, Family Farm

Phil George, Bryson Community

Phil George, Farming

Phil George, Changes in Bryson

Phil George, Changes in Wheelerton

Phil George, Sunday Afternoons, Christmas at Mama Bryan’s

Phil George, Train at Wheelerton Trips to Nashville

Phil George, Morrell’s Mill, Elkton Gin

Lagatha Paysinger, Morrell’s Mill

Lagatha Paysinger, Morrell’s Mill 2

Lagatha Paysinger, Going to School with My Sister

George Newman, How Bryson Got Its Name

Eva Smith, Born At Home

Eva Smith, Moved to Wheelerton

Geraldine Russell, We Had a Cistern

Joe Bryan, Childhood in Bryson

Joe Bryan, Family in Bryson

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