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Elkton School

In communities across rural America, the local school is more than a place where children go to learn. The local school, a place of common ground to everyone, often serves as the hub of community life, a place for meetings, picnics, and community events. Even today, the Elkton School is such a place.

Founded in the early Nineteenth Century, the Elkton School served first through twelfth grade. There were a number of schools, both black and white, in Giles County until Integration in 1966 followed by the consolidation of public schools. Elkton School was housed in a number of buildings over the course of the Nineteenth Century. Then in 1906, the Board of Education built a two-room school which was expanded upon with numerous additions throughout the Twentieth Century. This building was destroyed by fire in 1972, but it was soon rebuilt and now serves as an elementary school. Elkton is one of four communities in Giles County to retain its own elementary school.

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Teaching at Elkton School
Attending Elkton School


Longtime teacher Jeanene Merrell recalls her apprehensions when first appointed to Elkton School. She rode the school bus with the students in the years before she owned a car. Frances Suddarth remembers a large class and demanding schedule. Sarah Butler, school cafeteria worked, specialized in rolls and desserts.

Elkton High School

Gymnasium, Old Elkton School

Elkton School, 1914

Jeanene Merrell, Moving to Elkton

Jeanene Merrell, Consolidation/Integration

Jeanene Merrell, Teacher’s Rewards

Frances Suddarth, Teaching Third Grade

Sarah Butler, School Cafeteria


Former students remember attending Elkton School. William Suddarth, a parent, remembers watching the fire that destroyed the school.

Boy’s Basketball Team, 1950s

Girl’s Basketball, 1950s

Girls School

Eva Claire Smith, School Ballgames

Eva Claire Smith, Senior Year

Doug Turner, Going to School

William Suddarth, School Fire

Forrest Bates, Old Elkton School

Joe Bryan, Elkton School

Ann Newton, High School Sports

Ann Newton, High School Burns

Ann Smith, Away Games

Eva Claire Smith, Riding Bus, Lunch Money

Eva Claire Smith, Music Lessons

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