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A driving tour through the communities of southern Giles County, Tennessee


Aside from Elkton, there are a few even smaller communities in southern Giles County. Places like Conway, Vinta Mill, Bryson, Bee Spring, and Bunker Hill are farming communities with rich histories. For the people who grew up in these communities, their memories paint a vivid picture of rural life in the early to mid-twentieth century.

Although it has been known by many names, Conway is the most common name of the community. Like other farm communities, Conway’s gathering place was the store; Butler’s was a place to stop for essentials and to learn the latest news. The school and churches were also essential to community identity.

Photos & Stories

Stories of the Conway School as well as memories of the way of life growing up in the Conway community.

Conway Unincorporated Today

Smyrna School House

Class, Smyrna School

Class, Smyrna School 2

Butler Store in Conway

Roosevelt Whitfield, Growing Up in Conway

Roosevelt Whitfield, Going to School

Roosevelt Whitfield, Going to Church

Roosevelt Whitfield, Hand-Me-Down Books, Taught to Love

Roosevelt Whitfield, Homemade Wallpaper, Parents’ Love

Roosevelt Whitfield, Learning to Cook

Louise Butler, Conway School

Louise Butler, Hog Killing

Louise Butler, Old Store Building

Ann Newton, Going to School in Conway

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