Lower Elkton

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A driving tour through the communities of southern Giles County, Tennessee

Lower Elkton

Lower Elkton was settled in 1808, where Richland Creek empties into the Elk River. Because of frequent flooding conditions, the town was relocated in 1813, three miles up river to the present day Elkton.

The Austin-Croney-Harlow Cemetery, one of the oldest in Giles County, is located in Lower Elkton. Many of the town’s first settlers are buried here.

Photos & Stories

Lagatha Paysinger’s stories about life in Lower Elkton are based on “what she knows in her heart.”

River Bottom, Lower Elkton

River Bottom, Witt Road

Grave, Croney Cemetery

Austin-Croney-Harlow Cemetery

Lagatha Paysinger, Fencing Cemetery

Lagatha Paysinger, Born Same Bedroom

Lagatha Paysinger, Wash Day

Lagatha Paysinger, Cleaning Austin-Croney-Harlow Cemetery

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